Mindset for Bridge (M4Bridge), a platform to bridge the Academia - Industry divide
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There is a growing gap between educational outcome and what industry needs. Aspirants can’t seem to find fulfilling jobs. Yet, at the same time, employers can’t seem to find people with the right skills.

On the innovation front, Academia with basic research is a hive of knowledge creation and potential innovations, but the pathway from basic to applied science is stumbled with the success of knowledge application.

M4Bridge is a platform to address this paradox and bridge the industry – academia divide to address key issues of technology, innovation, applied research, and nurture student skills for employability and entrepreneurship.

Education to Employability

An engagement platform to align student skills with industry needs

M4Bridge for education to employability is an engagement platform to work in tandem with academic institutes to help bridge the transition of students from education to employability. The transition journey is a year round engagement platform to equip the students with hands on learning and apply their learning to real world situations for employability and entrepreneurship.

Headshot photo Mindset for Campus to Career(M4c2c) is a learning pathway designed for campus to career to help find rewarding and fulfilling career paths.

Organised in Basic, Advanced and Professional levels with a project driven learning approach in an environment of real work settings. M4c2c helps shape the mindset with digital agility to bridge the gap between education and employability.

Headshot photo Mindset for Idea to Incubation (M4i2i) is a journey to explore and discover Technopreneurship, cultivate intrapreneurship and improve employability.

Enthusiasts are guided through a journey of design thinking to expand their creativity, critical thought process and apply human-centered, prototype-driven techniques to develop solutions in a creative and innovative way.

Knowledge Bridge

M4Bridge for Physics to Physical systems is a knowledge bridge to merge basic and applied science
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M4Bridge for Physics to Physical systems is a scientific and technological platform to work in tandem with academic institutes to bridge the gap between basic and applied science for seamless knowledge creation and technology development.

  • Collaborative working on funded R&D projects to address societal challenges , leading to innovative, affordable and marketable solutions
  • Facilitate student research projects with technology and skills for developing relevant solutions
  • Identify practical applications for society benefits through innovative products and technologies
  • Leverage research to power commerce with value creation and value capture

Key areas of differentiation

End to end product life cycle expertise; from concept to realization
Access to knowledge repository and reusable modules
Agile and flexible team in tune with the dynamics of product development needs
In-house laboratory for virtual simulation and physical tests