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We help Reimagine Technology, Reinvent Process & Reshape Mindset

Mindset2learn is part of Mindset Systems, a digital solution company with rich experience in product realization and solution development. Born out of the need to bridge the growing gap between educational outcomes and industry needs.

Mindset2learn equips the aspirants with skills, mindsets, and tools for sustainable employability to manage one’s career development in the digital environment.

At Mindset2learn, experienced industrial practitioners bring the industrial experience from the field into the classroom. The team leverages applied industry knowledge and deep topic expertise to help learners practice and apply what they learn. The learners are guided and mentored by subject matter experts who’ve led variety of projects across industries.  Our subject matter experts tap into their diverse experiences and their insights from applying these methods and mindsets in real-world projects to enlighten the learners.


We help shape Mindset to INvest in  Digital Skills for Employability and Transformation

Mindsets shape the lives we lead, the actions we take and the future possibilities of the world we live in. We believe in shaping the mindset for growth to drive motivation and increase one’s competence and mastering of skills.

Growth mindset greatly influences how much an individual will invest in learning. People with growth mindset are more likely to maximize their potential with learning, is our governing belief.

The ability to remain employable with unique mix of skills, abilities and personal qualities and be in demand, is the tenacity of our learning process

Mindset for Digital skills will nurture the digital agility quotient for an agile and fluid ways of thinking. By raising digital agility quotient, we beleive in making the transformation meaningful and help in contributing to a future of greater possibility.

Social Good

We’re here for a CAUSE

We believe in playing our part in creating a better society and take responsibility and accountability for a social good.  All this by empowering learners with the right set of skills and mindset to transform the world we live in.

There is a growing gap between educational outcomes and what industry needs. Aspirants can’t seem to find fulfilling jobs. Yet, at the same time, employers can’t seem to find people with the right skills.

Our aim is to build bridges and address this paradox in the journey between education and employment and bring the social good of sustainable employability to manage one’s career development.



Born out of the need to bridge the growing gap between educational outcomes and industry needs, Mindset2learn team with a passion for coaching bring rich industrial experience from the practical world into the classroom to impart the skills and knowledge acquired over the years to lay intellectual foundation and expose learners to CPS career opportunities.

Major industrial sectors need a workforce capable of designing, engineering products and services that intimately combine cyber elements and physical components and manage their interactions and impact on the physical environment.

To support the need for a new generation of workforce and inspired by the growing demand for skills in Cyber physical systems, we equip the aspirants with skills, mindsets, and tools to empower the learners with future ready multidisciplinary skills in physical engineering and cyber design.