Why Mindset?

Our expertise, experience in emerging technolgies and deep understanding of business will help you meet the demands
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The demand of digital solutions is growing at an unprecedented pace. The evolving ways of communicating and conducting business has dethroned conventional practices and paved the way for a technology-driven future.

Cyber–physical systems (CPS) and Digital Twins (DTs), the new frontiers of digital transformation calls for far-reaching paradigm shifts in the design and manufacturing systems with greater efficiency, resilience, and intelligence.

This paradigm shift is pressing technology companies to quickly deliver digital solutions and match the pace of demand. However, the availability of skilled technology professionals is a growing challenge for the industry.

To support the need for a new generation of workforce and inspired by the growing demand for skills in Digital Twin and Cyber physical systems, we address this paradox by nurturing a future ready workforce to empower the industry with skilled professionals.

Workforce Solutions

Workforce solutions from Mindset is designed for agility to support the changing demands of new generation of workforce. The solution is end to end from Talent Development, Talent Augmentation and Permanent Staffing to ensure you have the right talent today, and for the future to meet your business needs.
Talent Development
We offer an array of learning pathways for different levels of needs through standard and custom learning modules.
  • Reduce onboarding time of entry level Engineers with M4c2c
  • Reskill Employees to meet the changing needs with M4r2r
  • Upskill Employees for the depth of expertise with M4s2s
  • Cultivate Intrapreneurship to manage innovation with M4i2i
Talent Augmentation
We provide skilled resources to help keep pace with technology initiatives for business needs.
  • Rapid access to talent with hard-to-find skill sets
  • Flexible and adaptable for short term and long-term engagements
  • Access to talent with wide spectrum of technology skills
Talent Hire
We identify, nurture, and build talent with skills in emerging technologies for full time recruitment and internships.
  • Recruit hard-to-staff position from Mindset talent pool
  • Engage in hire-train-deploy model for specialized skills
  • Attract trained talent for short- and long-term internship

Expert Services

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Expert services from Mindset’s deep pool of business and technology experts in Digital twin and Cyber physical systems provide consulting and solution expertise to industry partners and lend unparalleled knowledge, giving the flexibility and expertise to adapt to an ever-changing competitive landscape.

Project Solutions

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Our emerging technology expertise and engineering experience helps you to build vital capabilities to deliver digital outcomes. Our experienced resources catalyze your growth with cutting-edge development expertise that accelerate innovation, revenue, and sustainability.

Technology Offerings

We stay abreast with the technology disruptions, change in consumer preferences and fundamental shifts in the business landscape. This enables us to continuously evolve and quickly mobilize the technology expertise you need to scale your business operations.
We help you gain the agility to adapt to an evolving landscape
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Key Benefits

Over two decades long industry experience, hands on domain knowledge and availability of distinguished technology professionals enable us to augment the ability of our clients to innovate and scale at the pace of market.
Mix of expertise

Professionals with a demanding mix of expertise in Physical and Cyber systems

Access to expertise

Access to expertise across conventional and emerging technologies


Open for contract-to-hire arrangement

Cost optimization

Cost optimization through on-demand/flexible staffing

Right fit

Right fit of experts for your business needs

Digital Professionals Networking

Leverage our Network of Digital Professionals